9th Annual Recipient of the Charles R. Katholi Distinguished Dissertation Award

2016 Charles R. Katholi Distinguished Dissertation Award

Dr. Hwasoon Kim award

Dr. Hwasoon Kim, the 2016 recipient of the Charles R. Katholi Distinguished Dissertation Award, defended her dissertation in the summer of 2016. Hwasoon is originally from Korea, and came to our Department in the Fall of 2010 from the University of Nevada, after earning her Master of Science in Mathematics. During her tenure at UAB, Hwasoon worked in a variety of capacities. As a teaching assistant she assisted Dr. Stacey Cofield and Dr. Al Bartolucci. She also served as a research assistant working with faculty in many different areas of specialization: copy number variation with Dr. Xiangqin Cui, secondary stroke prevention with Dr. Jeff Szychowski and Dr. Leslie McClure, spinal cord injury with Dr. Gary Cutter, gastroenterology with Dr. Mel Wilcox, and genome‐wide association studies with Dr. Ana Vasquez and Dr. Gustavo de los Campos. She also actively attended and presented at national meetings, including the Women in Statistics Conference, Joint Statistical Meetings, and the UAB Public Health Research Day, where she won a best poster award. She did all of this while working on her dissertation, “Evaluation of sample size re‐estimation procedures for non‐inferiority designs with time‐to‐event outcomes.” This work illustrated that sample size calculations based on misspecified parameters can greatly affect the observed power in superiority and non‐inferiority trials, and that there is a sparsity of modification strategies for non‐inferiority studies with survival outcomes. This led to extensive simulations studies for the evaluation of multiple methods for sample size re‐evaluation used for superiority designs when extended to non‐inferiority designs with censored outcomes. After identifying a preferred re‐estimation method based on conditional power and a log‐rank test statistic, its utility was illustrated and assessed in the context of the Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy vs. Stenting Trial (CREST) trial.