Emergency Care: Protecting Population Health by Servicing All

Grady Memorial Hospital, founded in 1890, continues to have a significant presence in the city of Atlanta.

Past, Present, and Future Public Health Leaders at the CDC

Everyone is familiar with the CDC, a looming government institution even featured in pop culture shows such as The Walking Dead.

One Health: We All Need Each Other

Everytime you go to the grocery store, a restaurant, or school cafeteria, you can trust that you are eating safe food thanks to the

Road to an ethical high ground: The Tuskegee Experiment

“History, despite its wrenching pain cannot be unlived; but if faced courageously, needs not be lived again” -  Maya Angelou

Bringing Healthcare Home with the Escambia County Health Department

During this visit, we learned about the Alabama Department of Health’s (ADPH) Southwestern Health District.  This district includes the fo

Rising through History to Overcome Barriers

The UAB Public Health Trailblazers headed to Atmore, AL after a restful but educational weekend.

“Swept Away: Learning & Rebuilding in the Wake of Katrina”

“How did this happen?” “Is this America?”  These are the contemplative and persistent questions that come to mind while walking through the Katrina Exhibi

Keeping the Hearts of the City Healthy

While experiencing record high heat in NOLA, we navigated the busy streets to City Hall, where the New Orleans Department of Health (NOHD) is located.


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