CaRES Student "Blazer ID"

If you are a UAB student or employee, or if you were a UAB student or employee in the past, then you already have a Blazer ID (and it cannot be changed).  CaRES students from our affiliated universities who have no previous UAB connection should enroll for a Blazer ID as soon as the paperwork has been done to place them in a CaRES project this summer.  The introductory material below is copied from the “Blazer ID Central” web page that you should please read for further information, if you need to enroll for a Blazer ID.  Thank you! 

A BlazerID is a computer login name that the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has deployed campus-wide. It is roughly equivalent to the screenname/"buddy list"/username identifier you may have used to access online services such as Google, Yahoo, or America Online.”

“Many of the network and computer resources at UAB accept or require a BlazerID for login, and the goal is to ultimately have your BlazerID serve as the sole identifier that allows you to securely access all of UAB's online information services and portals.

“Most major administrative and academic online services on the UAB campus now require that you have a BlazerID.”

Reasons why a Blazer ID is needed “For everyone at UAB:

  • e-mail addresses
  • UABIT Microsoft enterprise resources, including Exchange mailboxes
  • login to UABwifi (wireless) network
  • download of certain UAB site-licensed software
  • access to the UAB Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • access to restricted library resources (e.g., journals)
  • login to the Blackboard Learn learning management system for academic courses
  • login to the Learning System for regulatory and other required training

For students:

  • login to the BlazerNET portal
  • access to the ResNet residence hall wired network
  • most departmental computer labs
  • class mailing lists, and to receive important information e-mailed from your department, school, and designated UAB support areas

For employees:

  • self-service HR access for updating direct deposit, W-4 tax information, etc.
  • login to UAB ERP applications (Oracle HR and Finance)
  • e-mail alerts from various online administrative applications (e.g., purchase order queue notifications)
  • update of departmental information in the UAB Campus Directory
  • login access to a number of departmental networks and services
  • to receive important information e-mailed from your department, school and designated UAB support areas
  • numerous other online administrative and employee portal applications

For faculty/researchers, in addition to the employee services listed above:

  • automatically generated/managed class mailing lists
  • grant information/submission
  • online grade posting and advising”                                                                    

MARCH 9, 2017