CaRES Student Parking

Parking on the UAB campus can be challenging, but thankfully, it is less challenging in the summer than at other times of the year!

UAB students who are doing CaRES should retain the parking arrangements that they have been using so far this year, if at all possible.

CaRES students who are NOT UAB students may obtain a temporary parking permit for all UAB Student Lot 15's (15A, 15B, 15C, etc.) that are located all around campus. Hopefully one of the Lot 15’s is near the UAB building where you will work. The cost of a temporary parking permit is $17.50 per month. A permit may be purchased at the UAB Parking Office at 608 8th Street South (205-934-3513) on the edge of the UAB campus. You will need to go there in person to fill out paperwork on the description of your vehicle and your license number; and to get a hang tag for your rear-view mirror.

FYI, there are many UAB parking decks and parking lots around campus. Some of them accept ONLY monthly parkers (UAB employees and students) who pay by the month and need to swipe their UAB-ID card to get in. But other UAB decks and lots accept a limited number of daily parkers; these decks and lots display a sign that says, “Public Parking.” Typically, the cost of public parking at UAB is $2 for the first hour, plus $1/hour for each additional hour, but only up to a $6 maximum per day. Parking in one of these decks or lots may be okay in a pinch, but your cost would add up quickly, to about $30/week or $120/month!

Also, you can probably find parking meter spaces just a few blocks from campus, but there is typically a 2-hour time limit and the cost is usually 25 cents for 15 minutes, or a whopping $2.00 for 2 hours! And then after 2 hours you would need to run to your car and move it to another parking space, as you are not supposed to re-feed the meter. So, this approach is not suggested for parking five days per week.

A note to you early-birds (you know who you are) . . . if you plan to come in to campus very early (say, well before 8 AM) each day, you may be able to find free street-parking (with no parking meters) south of campus (as on 11th Avenue South, west of 5 Points South), or possibly north of campus (as on 18th Street, north of 4th Avenue South). Be careful not to park where you will get a ticket as parking tickets can be expensive in Birmingham! If you are a good detective you may be able to find a free parking space not too far away, that no one else seems to know about, and that is yours to park in if you arrive before everyone else does. If you find a parking space like this don’t tell anyone about it!!! Good luck!