Thank you for your interest in the CaRES program!  If you're new to CaRES, feel free to read about the program and our history under the What is CaRES? and CaRES History tabs in the menu above.  Additionally, by clicking here you can access a short PowerPoint slideshow listing take-home messages.

Overall I gained an appreciation for how much detail is involved when attempting to model clinical diseases in a laboratory setting.” 

Robert Davis Stibolt Jr., 2016 Summer

” Cancer research is highly complex involving many factors and collaborators for each individual research project.” 

Madeleine King, 2016 Summer

I had little knowledge of cancer research before this summer, so this experience gave me a better understanding of the wide array of topics that related to cancer prevention and survivorship.” 

Caroline Keller, 2016 Summer

” This program has opened my eyes to the depth of cancer research. The amount of research projects and potential research designs is truly staggering, and after my involvement in the CaRES program, I know that I want to pursue research more in the future.” 

Jay Dasigi, 2016 Summer

Patients and the community at large are eager to help researchers learn more about cancer.”

Katherine Hymel, 2016 Summer

 "The CaRES program did a fantastic job of setting me up for success in the research world."

John Dasher, 2017 Summer