CaRES internship project descriptions available for 2018!

Please see below CaRES projects for Summer 2018.  Thank you for your interest in the CaRES program!


Dr. John Waterbor

CaRES Program Director

January 31, 2018

Student interns recruited thus far: 46
Intern slots remaining: 1
TOTAL interns to be supported: 47

We have now recruited 42 students for CaRES 2018. We plan to support 47 students. However, we have not yet received the carryover funds (unused funds from last summer) from NCI that we need to pay the next 5 students selected. We expect to receive this additional money very soon. Until we receive these carryover funds, the 43rd through 47th student selected for CaRES 2018 must realize that their funding is probable but not assured. Please continue the interview and student selection process as before, and watch this page for updates on our carryover funding.

Regards, Dr. John Waterbor, CaRES Program Director, March 14, 2018