CaRES internship project descriptions available for 2017!

CaRES has met its goal of enrolling 45 students!  Our next step is to create a "waiting list" of a few more students who would replace any of the original 45 students whose summertime plans change.  In addition, it is possible that we can support more than 45 students this summer, so we need a waiting list to draw from.  Therefore, students interested in any of the unfilled CaRES projects should request interviews for them, and the preceptors of these projects should choose qualified students to do them.  Students selected for our remaining projects will be placed on our waiting list in the order selected, and we will fund as many of them as our budget allows.  Typically, one or two "waiting list" students are funded each year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  Thank you!

If you missed out on this year's CaRES internships, but would still like a summer internship in cancer research, please click here for information about an exciting opportunity.

--Dr. John Waterbor
CaRES Program Director 

Student interns recruited thus far: 47
Intern slots remaining: 0
TOTAL interns to be supported: 47