CaRES Payment Plan

  • CaRES internships are for full-time research work, typically, 40 hours per week. 
  • The daily work schedule (what time to “clock in” and what time to “clock out”) varies by the project and should be negotiated between the student and the preceptor. 
  • Before accepting a CaRES Internship, the student should become clear about the expectations of the preceptor with regard to his or her work schedule. 
  • A student should not agree to work on a project unless he / she can meet the demands of the project in terms of the number of weeks of effort and the intensity of effort needed.  Some projects proceed at a measured pace, while others move along very quickly, with duties that must be accomplished in timely fashion each day. 
  • The length of each internship is a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 15 weeks, in May through August 2017. 
  • Start and end dates are to be negotiated between the student and the preceptor, in light of the demands of the project and the availability of the student and preceptor. 
  • CaRES interns will be paid $400 per week in bi-weekly installments of $800, for the number of weeks worked on the CaRES project. 
  • The maximum amount of pay for any CaRES project is $400/week * 15 weeks = $6000. 
  • Any student who resigns from, or is dismissed from, his/her CaRES position before the project has been completed, will be paid only for the weeks worked. 
  • Each CaRES intern and his or her CaRES preceptor should meet prior to the student’s first day of work to complete the Mentoring Contract, found on the CaRES website. 
  • Completion of the mentoring contract will clarify the goals of the project so that the student will know how his or her achievements will be judged. 
  • “Putting in the time” is important, but completing the project is more important. 
  • If you have questions regarding the work schedule or payment plan, please contact CaRES Program Director Dr. John Waterbor at, 205-934-7146.