CaRES Preceptor Application for 2017

UAB and HudsonAlpha faculty members interested in becoming CaRES Preceptors should submit their summer cancer research project descriptions via this webpage. We recommend that project descriptions be submitted as soon as possible, preferably by February 20.  There is no hard deadline for submission but most or all internship funds are typically allocated by March 1.

Key points to keep in mind:

  • A faculty member can submit as many project descriptions as he or she wishes but each project description should be submitted separately.
  • Only one student will be funded for each project. 
  • At most two students (two projects) will be funded per faculty member. 
  • A faculty member who needs assistance from two students to work within the same research program should submit two project descriptions that are distinct but related.  For instance, one project submission can request a student to interview patients, administer a survey, and analyze the survey data; while the related project submission can request a student to draw blood, process biological specimens, and abstract medical charts.
  • In most instances project descriptions are posted on the CaRES website within one business day of submission. 
  • Students are permitted to “shop” for their ideal project by interviewing for several CaRES projects to determine which project seems best for them. 
  • Highly interested students will monitor the website day-to-day and perhaps hour-to-hour to read newly submitted project descriptions. 
  • Interested students will email you their CV and request an interview.  We recommend that you interview about 3 students if this can be done within a few days, and then choose the best student without delay!  This being said, hastily choosing a student who is a poor fit may not work out very well.
  • As soon as you have found the student who you want CaRES to hire, you may offer that student a CaRES internship, with the caveats that program eligibility must be confirmed and the program is not already fully subscribed. 
  • You and the student should then email Program Director Dr. John Waterbor ( to commit to working together; and the student should attach his or her CV so that health professional or graduate student status, and American citizenship or permanent residency status, can be verified by Internship Coordinator Ms. Judy Baker ( 
  • Ms. Baker will contact each selected student to arrange a meeting with her to complete payroll and personnel paperwork. 
  • If you have questions about the content of this Preceptor Application, please contact Dr. Waterbor.
  • If you experience technical problems completing or submitting this Preceptor Application, please contact Website Administrator Mr. Daniel Camburn (  

Please complete all items below. Items marked with a red asterisk * are required. If this form reloads after you submit it, you've missed a required portion of the form that you must go back and complete, and then re-submit.

Building w/ room number (Example: Ryals - 220)
(Example: - 0022)
(Example: 934-0282)
(Example: 934-8665)

Interested students will want to know whether you will be their primary supervisor or whether you will delegate oversight of the student to a trusted colleague.


NOTE that regardless of the start and end dates indicated, CaRES internships are for a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 15 weeks of full-time effort.

If your CaRES project involves human subjects, it must be approved by UAB’s or HudsonAlpha’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) before a CaRES student can begin working on it.

If your CaRES project involves animals, it must be approved by UAB’s or HudsonAlpha’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before a CaRES student can begin working on it.

Please indicate the intern's three main anticipated duties with regard to this project. (e.g., 1. interview patients, 2. abstract charts, 3. analyze data):

Students interested in serving as your intern want to know what background, education, experience, or expertise they should have in order to be successful in working with you on your research project.

Please review your entries, then click on the Submit box below.  If this form reloads, you have failed to answer one or more required questions, marked with a red asterisk.  Please go back and enter responses to those questions, then click on Submit once again.

If you have questions about the content of this CaRES Preceptor Application, please contact Program Director Dr. John Waterbor (934-7146, 
If you experience technical problems completing or submitting this Preceptor Application, please contact  Website Administrator Mr. Daniel H. Camburn (
Soon after submission you will receive an e-mail message at the address you indicated above, that will prompt you to view your project description as posted by Mr. Camburn on the “Internships” page of the CaRES website ( Please check the posted material for any errors or omissions and contact Mr. Daniel H. Camburn if changes should be made.

Thank you!