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Survey Research Unit

Survey Research Unit

Formally designated as a UAB Service Center, the Survey Research Unit (SRU) conducts approximately 40,000 surveys annually for UAB investigators, local and state health departments, and other state and national agencies. Services include technical assistance in survey design and sampling methods, provision of computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), and field survey research. With 55 CATI stations, 4 supervisor stations, and a trained, IRB-certified staff of 60 to 80 interviewers at any given time, the SRU is equipped to conduct large scale computer-assisted telephone surveys. Supervisor stations have the ability to monitor telephone calls and view the computer entries made by the interviewers for quality control.  All stations are connected to the main server which houses the survey software (Sawtooth/Ci3) and CATI system. All stations have back-up power supplies and are password protected. The SRU also provides services for completing surveys in-person, by mail or fax, and offers data entry services.  SRU also has a state-of-the-art system to conduct web-based surveys and create survey instruments that can be scanned.  


  • Our mission is to provide scientifically valid survey results for our clients to reach their research goals and objectives.
  • We aim to be the UAB community's first choice for survey research services.
  • Our data  has been published in over 300 peer reviewed journals and used in presentations and posters for scientific conferences.
  • A cost estimate is available upon request at no charge.

Please Contact:
Paul Wolff
Phone: (205)975-8050

Located in the 912 Building on 18th Avenue South




The Survey Research Unit (SRU) provides professional assistance for all stages of survey research:

  • Data collection
  • Data entry
  • Survey design
  • Pilot testing
  • Sample selection
  • Program evaluation
  • Reporting and presenting

The SRU assists clients in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective data collection methods based upon their individual research needs.




Our staff combines a broad knowledge of advanced survey methodology with extensive experience in project management to offer the following services:

  • Computer-Assisted
    Telephone Interviewing
  • Face-to-Face Surveys
  • Field Surveys
  • Mail Surveys
  • Fax Surveys
  • Web-based Surveys
  • Focus Groups

55-station CATI facility

  • 60 interviewers
  • Supervised & Monitored
  • Voice recording




The SRU has completed over 400,000 interviews for more than 80 projects.  In the past 5 years, over 200 peer-reviewed articles have been published based on data collected by SRU.



The Survey Research Unit (SRU) and the Center for the Study of Community Health will fund up to 4 survey project proposals for a total of $30,000. Four-page proposals are due on or before 5:00 p.m., CDT December 31, 2017. Proposals must include the research hypotheses to be tested, the significance of the hypotheses, methodology to be employed, and the primary data to be collected through a telephone survey conducted by the SRU.

This opportunity is open to all full-time UAB faculty. Proposals will be reviewed and selected for funding by a committee appointed by the SRU Executive Committee.

Questions and submissions to be sent to: CSCH_ROSA@UAB.EDU





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