Community Health Scholars
Pilot Grant Program
UAB Center for the Study of Community Health
The UAB Center for the Study of Community Health (CSCH), a CDC-funded Prevention Research Center, announces the 2013 Community Health Scholars pilot grant program, an initiative to encourage and facilitate community-based participatory research by UAB faculty.
Two (2) Community Health Scholars will receive one-year pilot funding of $20,000 for projects that address important health and public health issues directly relevant to local Birmingham communities. A project may be from any discipline on campus as long as it meets the following criteria:
  1. Applicants are UAB faculty at the Instructor, Assistant, or Associate Professor level;
  2. An established community partner organization actively participates in the genesis, development, implementation, and evaluation of the project;
  3. The project can be completed within one (1) year, and;
  4. The project is developmental in that it demonstrates significant potential for additional extramural funding in the future.

Projects including survey research are required to use the Survey Research Unit of the CSCH. Contact Paul Wolff at 5-8050 ( The CSCH also has evaluation and GIS mapping services available to support research efforts of CHS awardees. These services are priced according to need. Contact Lisle Hites at


Applicants are encouraged to view the slides for a Community-Based Participatory Research Curriculum and to investigate the six-hour curriculum for researchers and teams wishing more detailed information on the principles and methods of CBPR at
The Community Health Scholars pilot grant program is designed to stimulate novel ideas for community-based participatory research. To that end the application process will be short and streamlined as follows:
Project Description/ Research Plan will be limited to a total of three (3) pages, not including the title page, PI bio, budget pages, and community partner letter of partnership. Investigators should use Face Page, Project Summary, Budget/Justification and Bio pages of the PHS 398 either in Word or PDF format.
  1. The Project Summary should briefly describe the proposed project/novel idea, community partner, and key personnel.
  2. The Project Descriptions/Research Plan should include the following information in the order noted below:
    1. “Project Proposal/Novel Idea” describing specific aims, preliminary studies (where applicable), research design, methods, and timeline.
    2. “Significance” to support further investigations and additional extramural support.
    3. “Community Partnership” describing the relationship and how the partners will be involved.
  3.  LOI with Project Title, Principal Investigator, and descriptive paragraph of proposal is requested by Tuesday, September 3, 2013.
  4. Completed application must be submitted electronically by COB Tuesday, October 1, 2013, to
  5. Award notification will be sent Friday, November 15, 2013 with an expected start date of January 1, 2014. Two (2) awards of $20,000 will be made.
  6. Grantees will provide a brief progress report semi-annually.
  7. Grantees will be asked to present their results at an annual campus research symposium and are encouraged to submit their research findings for possible oral or poster presentation at the annual PRC meeting in Atlanta.
  8. For questions about application procedures, please contact Max Michael, Director, at 975-7742 ( or Mary Evans, Deputy Director, at 975-8387 (