The Center’s Outreach Program strives to share information on occupational health and safety issues to other institutions, business owners, workers, minorities, youth and anyone with an interest in safety and health.

  • Deep South Center for OH&S is a continuing supporter of FIESTA, a celebration of the Hispanic culture in our state through art, music, food and dance. But perhaps more importantly, through funds generated at Fiesta approximately $30,000 in scholarships has been awarded to outstanding Hispanic students to help them pursue their educational careers at local colleges and universities. Our center exhibits information about our academic programs, and encourage safe work practices, by providing safety information and materials for attendees. For more information about FIESTA, please visit www.fiestahbc.com.
  • The Deep South ERC is pleased to be a partner with Cahaba Valley Health Care (CVHC).  CVHC is a nonprofit organization based in central Alabama dedicated to providing access to quality healthcare for the underserved, primarily Hispanic, communities in Jefferson and Shelby Counties. For more information about this organization, please link following link http://www.cahabavalleyhealthcare.org/                 
Outreach Activities Comment(s)
We owe you the thanks for presenting to our staff. Lots of positive comments have been made about the it. It means a lot for the staff to actually see the test performed.
Linda T. Bell
Medical Relations Officer
Alabama Disability Determination Service
For more information, please contact the Deep South Center for OH&S at dsc@uab.edu or call 205.934-7178