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DSC presence at the AIHA Conference & Exposition Baltimore May 22-27, 2016

The IH group led by Dr. Lungu presented three posters, two of them winning awards and had an oral presentation:
  • Gabriel D. Judd, Paula S. Joe, Jonghwa Oh, Claudiu T. Lungu: Improving Safety Eyewear Fit for the US Workforce– First Place, Best Poster in Session award.
  • Rupkatha Bardhan, Marie Cecile Chalbot, Ilias Kavouras, Tran Huynh, Claudiu T. Lungu Job Stress and Oxidative Damage in ER Physicians and Nurses – First Place, Best Poster in Student Session award.
  • Stephanie. Jacobs, Shaun Crawford, Claudiu T. Lungu: Formaldehyde Emission Profiles from Household Flooring

Oral presentation:

  • J. Oh, C.T. Lungu, E.L. Floyd:  Adsorption Efficiency Comparison of Fabricated Buckypapers (BPs) for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Sampling and Analysis