Department of Health Care Organization and Policy


  • President: Maca Martinez
  • Vice President: Megan Ferrell
  • Secretary: Carolyn Yorio
  • Treasurer: Anna Layton
  • Executive Board Members:
    • Nick Cataldo
    • Christian Dollar
    • Emylie Ellis
    • Ellee Ellison
    • Katie Guinther
    • Kaylie Hudgens
    • Trinh Huynh
    • Juliana Jernigan
    • Jacque Kabukuru
    • Camilla Kirksey
    • Megan Lacy
    • Mel LeBlanc
    • Matthew Moore
    • Stevie Nappoe
    • Shericia Ross
    • Arianna Siler
    • Kara Skelton
    • Bethany Stenger
    • Kayla Thompson
    • Catherine Toms
  • Advisor: Julie McDougal
Sharing MCH Knowledge & Experience


To enrich & enhance our MCH education

To forge meaningful & lasting relationships between students, staff & faculty

To promote MCH within our University & throughout our community

To facilitate student interaction, involvement & leadership development


Participate in monthly meetings & help plan/produce events

Participate in community service activities like the Birmingham Mayor's Office's "Take A Child To The Doctor Day" & Pathways Toiletries Drives

Attend MCH SAGE Seminars

Participate in fund raising events, like the Halloween & Valentine's Sales

Participate in MCH SAGE social events

Although MCH SAGE started as an organization for MCH graduate students in the School of Public Health, it has grown to incorporate graduate & undergraduate students from not only various departments within the School of Public Health but also various schools & departments across the University. ALL with an interest in MCH are welcome, whether here on campus or online!

MCH SAGE offers mentorship to new MCH graduate students. New students are paired with current students for mentoring, especially during that critical 1st semester. MCH SAGE mentors assist MCH students with their transition to & connection with academic life.


Contact Julie McDougal for more information!