Suggested Timeline and Considerations



The internship provides an opportunity for each student to work in a public health setting in a position that carries responsibility and is of particular interest. The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), our accrediting agency, requires that each MPH student be able to demonstrate the application of these concepts through an internship experience that is relevant to his or her area of specialization.  An internship must be practice-based, therefore internships primarily research or administrative in nature are not appropriate. The experience must be properly planned, supervised, and evaluated.  Students should have completed the core classes before registering for an internship. All internships are graded by the faculty advisor on a Pass/No Pass basis. Check out the syllabus online by clicking here.


We will be utilizing an online internship database for all documents related to the MPH internship! This will streamline the internship process and remove the need for hard copy documents; a frequent complaint from previous years. The online system is where you will complete all required documents for the MPH internship.


Fall 2012 Timeline

Student Internship Checklist


Log in with your BlazerID and password, and then log out of the online internship database.  This will allow you to be registered in the system.

Prior to completing the Internship Description and Agreement

Secure an internship opportunity.  Check out the opportunities available through the school at or identify your own internship opportunity.


August 10, 2012

Complete the Internship Description and Agreement Form in the online database.  It must be approved and signed by your internship supervisor and faculty advisor.

Deadline: August 14, 2012

Request hold to be lifted from the internship course from your program coordinator

Deadline: August 14, 2012

Register for the appropriate internship course for 3 credit hours.

August 15 - December 5, 2012

Complete a total of 240 hours at your internship site by the last day of classes during the semester in which you complete your internship. All hours must be completed during one semester.

At the midpoint of your internship

(Must be complete prior to Friday, October 19, 2012)

Initiate a mid-semester check in online with your faculty advisor and site supervisor halfway through your internship.

·         Complete the Student Midpoint Meeting form online

·         Request that your site supervisor complete the online midpoint evaluation   

·         Meet and discuss these forms with your faculty advisor and internship site supervisor (Note: If you are not doing your internship locally, discussing over the phone or via email is acceptable)

·         Sign off online on the Midpoint meeting form that you have met

Complete by the internship poster session

Complete all final products and submit to your program coordinator:

·         A paper that addresses the objectives, activities, and competencies of the internship (5 page minimum). Upload online

·         A poster that will be displayed at the SOPH internship poster session.

o   Additional information will be provided on the poster after the internship semester starts

·         Student Evaluation Form (online)

·         Request that your site supervisors complete the Supervisor Evaluation (online)

·         Any additional final product expected by the internship supervisor.

TBD - Week of Final Exams

Attend the Internship Poster Session


Questions?  Contact Emily Tubergen, Internship Coordinator, or 934-7791