Internship Procedures



The student is responsible for the completion and submission of the "UAB School of Public Health Internship Agreement." This is a signed agreement between the student, supervisor, and faculty internship advisor and is to be submitted to the internship director or appropriate department coordinator.

This form documents each person’s responsibilities and expectations, including a description of the learning objectives of the placement, the activities to be performed by the student, and the anticipated final products. The following final products are required for all MPH students completing their internship: Evaluations (Student and Site Supervisor), 5-page minimum paper on the internship experience, and a poster presentation.  More information on the final products can be found in the syllabus for the internship course.  The final products should be submitted to the Departmental Program Coordinator by the day of the internship poster session.

Given the nature of public health practice, it is possible that the student may be analyzing, interpreting and perhaps even contributing to the collection of data. If there is any question as to whether an internship will require IRB approval, it is the student’s responsibility to submit an application to the IRB. Please be advised that the IRB approval process might significantly extend the time needed to prepare for an internship; therefore, discuss the scope of your internship with your advisor so that no IRB infractions occur.


Prior to registration, students should consult with their academic advisors to determine optimal times for completing their internships. All 240 hours required by the internship should be completed in one semester. If the student is required to complete six credit hours for his or her degree and is only able to work part-time during the semester, it may take two semesters to complete the course requirement. In such cases, the students must re-enroll for the correct number of credit hours at the beginning of each term in which the internships will be conducted. For example, the student should enroll for three hours in the first semester and three hours in the second when completing six credit hours over the length of two semesters.

Students register for the internship experience through their designated faculty internship advisor. Each department will have an individual course number for the internship experience. Check with your department program coordinator to get the correct course number.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: According to university policy, international students must complete an additional form for the International Scholar and Student Services office in the Hill University Center before beginning their internship.


The student should contact his or her faculty internship advisor at least once (by phone or email) during the internship period to discuss the progress of the experience.


Both the student and the internship supervisor will complete an evaluation and return it to the internship director or the appropriate department program coordinator during the last week of the semester. In addition, the student should also create his/her internship poster, attend the poster session, and turn in their final paper to his/her Departmental Program Coordinator.


  • Check with your department’s program coordinator for any special department/program requirements
  • Identify, choose, and consult with a faculty internship advisor
  • Identify an approved internship site
  • Complete and submit “UAB School of Public Health Internship Agreement”
  • If necessary, complete and submit IRB Approval Form
  • If international student, complete and submit appropriate form to the International Scholar and Student Services Office
  • Register for the appropriate course and number of hours
  • Check in with faculty internship advisor during internship
  • Submit evaluation forms and final product(s) last week of semester