Intramural Grants Program

Previous grant recipients: Justin Blackburn, Tina Simpson, Julie Preskitt, and Amy Landry

Intramural Grants Program and ACRDC Initiative

Deadline for Applications: April 30, 2014

This year the Lister Hill Center is revising its Intramural Grants Program to encourage UAB faculty to take advantage of the linkage UAB has to the Atlanta Census Research Data Center (ACRDC).

The ACRDC is one of ten national repositories of confidential Census Bureau, Labor Department, IRS, HHS and other federal data not otherwise available to researchers. It is housed in the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank. The ACRDC is supported by the Atlanta Fed, the CDC, and seven universities including UAB.

Because of UAB’s participation, access to the ACRDC does not require a per project fee to use the facility. However, access does require an approved research protocol and approved investigators. The development of the protocol and the approval process itself is arduous and time consuming.

To encourage use of the ACRDC by UAB researchers, the Lister Hill Center will fund up to two project proposals at up to $15,000 each. Four-page proposals will be due April 30, 2014. The proposals must summarize the research hypotheses to be tested, their significance, an empirical methodology to be employed, and the data to be used through the ACRDC. Indirect costs will not be covered, but faculty and staff time in the development of a full ACRDC proposal will. This opportunity is open to all full-time UAB faculty. The proposals will be reviewed and selected for funding by the Lister Hill Center’s internal advisory Board. Information on the ACRDC and its data sets may be found at:

In addition to the ACRDC Initiative, traditional one-year health policy/health services grants ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 will be awarded, with a maximum of $30,000 available.

Please submit your application electronically as a single PDF file.

2014 ACRDC Initiative Application
2014 Health Policy/Health Services Application
Previous Grant Recipients

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Lee Howard 
Assistant Director
Phone: (205) 975-9007