MD/MPH Four-Year and Five-Year Programs

The Schools of Medicine and Public Health have collaborated to provide two programs to allow medical students to earn their Master’s in Public Health (MPH): a four-year program and a five-year program.

The Five-Year Program

Students following the five-year program take a year off of medical school to complete MPH coursework. Students can elect to complete MPH coursework before, during, or after medical school. Students can complete some courses online and can choose an area of concentration or pursue a general MPH. You can apply to the five year program at any time during medical school.

To see the five-year course plan, click here.

The Four-Year Program

Beginning summer 2013, students can follow a program that allows them to earn their MPH during the four years of medical school. There are two options for this program: Primary Care Scholars program or a general MPH. Students must enroll in the four-year program the summer before the first year of medical school.

Current* Four-Year Schedule

Term Courses
Summer I (before med school)
(6 hrs)
ENH 600 Fundamentals of Environmental Health***
Fall I (first semester of med school) No MPH courses
Spring I BST 611 Intermediate Statistical Analysis I***
Summer II 3-hour internship (AHEC)
BST 612 Intermediate Statistical Analysis II***
Fall II HCO 600 Introduction to Public Health Systems and Population-Based Health Programs***
Spring II No MPH courses
Summer III** Elective+
Fall III No MPH courses
Spring III No MPH courses
Summer IV No MPH courses
Fall IV EPI 610 Principles of Epidemiologic Research/Lab***
Spring IV HB 600 Social and Behavioral Science Core Elective***
PUH 695 Public Health Integrative Experience

*This schedule is subject to change.
***Course is offered in an online format.
**Course may be completed Summer IV instead.
+ Medical Scholarship and Public Health taken in conjunction with Medical School Research Project.

The Primary Care Scholars Program

The Primary Care Scholars program emphasizes the synergy of public health and primary care and provides a primary care field experience during the summer after the first year of medical school. This hands-on approach provides students the opportunity to apply both public health and primary care skills and knowledge earlier in their program than other students. Additionally, students accepted into this program will have their MPH tuition covered. Requirements of the Primary Care Scholars Program:

For questions related to the MD/MPH program, please contact:
Dr. Donna Arnett, Associate Dean for the School of Public Health