Lister Hill Library - Edge of Chaos

 The UAB School of Public Health was looking to create a space where the best and brightest of our business, civic, and academic communities could come together to collaborate on the most difficult problems facing the world we live in. In order to create an environment suitable for this ever-changing group of inhabitants and work methodologies, the design team needed to create an open, flexible space that could be transformed frequently to meet the diverse needs of UAB faculty, students, and the community at large. The “Edge of Chaos”, which the space has been affectionately referred to, is comprised of dynamic open spaces with moveable furniture solutions, vast quantities of natural daylight, bold geometries and colors, and ample infrastructure to accommodate a constantly evolving layout. In addition to this flexible workspace, the project contains several private offices for permanent faculty, meeting rooms for extended collaboration, and a community break area for impromptu discussion and debate.


Lister Hill Library Building
4th Floor
1700 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35294