About Our School

Dean's Welcome

In 1964 President Lyndon Johnson said, "We have the power to shape the civilization that we want. But we need your will, your labor, your hearts, if we are to build that kind of society." He was, of course, speaking about the "Great Society" initiative that sought to eliminate the oppression of poverty for millions who wanted to share in the American dream. We have learned much in the intervening forty years - that good intentions and money don't often solve complex social and cultural dilemmas; that the technology genie will not go back into the bottle; that we are milliseconds from every nation, every person on the globe.

More than any other discipline, public health has the power to help shape civilization in the 21st century. The UAB School of Public Health offers you the opportunity to join a vibrant community of professionals and scholars whose global-class research and scholarship is exploring complex problems like HIV/AIDS, obesity, and drugs in creative and unusual ways. A graduate degree in public health gives you the ability to tackle head-on the most complicated and thorny issues of our times, the tools to create solutions for those issues, and a uniquely global perspective.

The challenges for the future of public health find an ideal home at UAB. The interests of our faculty and staff extend from community organization in the Black Belt regions of rural Alabama to understanding the dynamics of the HIV epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa. Few universities offer the almost limitless interdisciplinary collaborative atmosphere available to students at the UAB School of Public Health.

The potential for our students to develop practical and meaningful internship experiences grows daily through partnerships with state and local government agencies, local businesses and industry, and a global network of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The faculty and staff at the School are dedicated and deeply committed to educating and preparing the most well-educated and qualified public health graduates imaginable for the 21st century. We look forward to welcoming you as a student in the School of Public Health. Our dynamic, robust, and exciting programs are a great beginning for launching a truly satisfying career.

Max Michael, MD
Dean, School of Public Health


Who We Are

Today's health challenges are global, involving diseases that must be understood at the cellular level and addressed at the community level. These problems require the development of new interventions, the implementation of new models, and the emergence of new systems. They demand educated professionals, well versed in the multiple disciplines of public health, to forge the best solutions.

Located in the heart of the largest academic health center in the Southeast, the UAB School of Public Health is embracing these challenges in Alabama and around the world, building the next generation of bold professionals leading innovation in public health. Let us become your place of discovery and training.

 Our Vision

To inspire the people who change the world.

Our Mission

To create, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge to improve public health and well-being in Alabama and beyond by nurturing a diverse community of outstanding scholars.

Our Values

  1. Discovery & Innovation: Creating new knowledge, expanding understanding and refining approaches to improve the health and well-being for populations and individuals the world over;
  2. Leadership & Service: Playing a central role in improving public health by applying our collective expertise in the service of promoting national and global public health;
  3. Integrity & Inclusion: Abiding by the highest moral and ethical standards while soliciting and embracing the contributions of all;
  4. Collegiality & Diversity: Working toward a common purpose while valuing differences and being informed by a full-range of perspectives;
  5. Communication & Transparency: Recognizing that timely information sharing and transparent decision-making build trust.