Public Health Student Association

Since its creation in 1978, PHSA has supported the growth of the student experience. With its roots in the foundation of encouraging student involvement, advocacy, and leadership, PHSA has made many powerful strides in promoting the student voice and facilitating interactions between students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Through connecting students, faculty, staff and administrators, PHSA works to promote the School of Public Health, achievements of those in our community, and work that is being done in the field of public health. 

PHSA Responsibilities
  • Fostering an academic, professional, and social environment for students of the School.
  • Facilitating an interactive relationship between faculty, staff, alumni, and students of the School.
  • Promoting student involvement in the School, university, and community through service, programming, and special events.
  • Presenting the suggestions and concerns of the student body to School officials.
  • Contributing to the education and welfare of public health students in cooperation with public health organizations on a local, state, and national level.

For more information visit PHSA website at   To get involved contact Richard Bennett at or at (205) 934-4993.