MSPH Degree Programs 2014-15

Master of Science in Public Health

The Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) is an academic research degree designed for those students seeking specialization in one area of public health.  The MSPH is offered in:

These programs combine didactic research instruction and applied research experience in the chosen discipline in order to prepare students for further study toward the PhD or for research or specialized technical positions in government, industry, academia or private institutions.  All MSPH students complete a research project/thesis. All MSPH students take core courses in biostatistics and epidemiology and complete a minimum of 15 hours of methodologic and specialty area courses.  Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in other core public health courses. Individual MSPH programs require additional courses specific to the area of study.  Please refer to the individual program's curriculum information for further details.

MSPH Minimum Requirements

BST 611 Biostatistics I * 3
BST 612 Biostatistics II * 3
EPI 610 Principles of Epidemiologic Research 4
EPI 610L Principles of Epidemiologic Research-Lab 0


* Some departments require BST 611 and BST 612 as the MSPH Biostatistics Core requirement.

Additional requirements:
A minimum of nine credit hours of research methodologic instruction.
A minimum of six credit hours in the area of specialization.
A minimum of nine credit hours of research project/thesis work.

Minimum Total Credit Hours Required - vary by department and degree program.