MPH (in Biostatistics) (BYS)

The MPH degree in Biostatistics is intended primarily for those who wish to acquire an MPH degree with an emphasis on statistical methodology. This can include individuals from decision-making positions in health care settings as well as those interested in data management, statistical analyses and interpretation, and presentation of analytical results. This degree can be completed in approximately 2 years. Note that the MPH does not require some of the theoretical courses required for the MS, and as such, it is not a direct route to prepare a student for a PhD. Students anticipating that they will wish to continue for a PhD in biostatistics are advised to pursue the MS rather than the MPH.

School of Public Health's  Biostatistics Student Handbook

School of Public Health Admissions


Requirements Hours
MPH Core (including the Integrative Experience) 16 or 17
ENH 600 Fundamentals of Environmental Health Science 3
EPI 600 Intro to Epidemiology 3-4
or  EPI 610 Prin of Epidemiologic Research
HB 600 Social and Behavioral Science Core 3
HCO 600 Introduction to Population Based Health Programs 3
PUH 695 The Public Health Integrative Experience 1,3
GRD 727 Writing & Reviewing Research 3
Biostatistics Core 15
BST 619 Data Collection and Management 3
BST 621 Statistical Methods I 3
BST 622 Statistical Methods II 3
BST 626/BST 626L Data Management and Reporting with SAS 3
BST 697 Internship in Biostatistics 3
Biostatistics Electives * 9
Outside Electives ** 3
Total Hours 43-44


Biostatistics Electives: Minimum 9 credit hours of regular courses of 623 or higher-level.

Outside Electives: A minimum of 3 graduate credit hours of electives must be taken from some field of Biology, Public Health or Medicine.

The academic advisor must approve these courses.