MS (in Biostatistics) (BYSM)

The Department of Biostatistics offers an MS degree in biostatistics. This program provides a balance between theory and application, the perspective being the role of statistics and modeling in scientific research.  The objective is to produce research-oriented scientists who can advance statistical and modeling theory and can interact effectively with scientists in other disciplines to advance knowledge in those fields.  For admission to the MS program, a student's undergraduate curriculum must include a 3-semester sequence of calculus or equivalent, linear matrix algebra, and proficiency in computing.  It is preferred that students have additional advanced mathematics courses, e.g., differential equations, advanced calculus including special functions, and complex analysis.    Some background in the natural sciences would be helpful.  Interested students should contact the department of Biostatistics.

School of Public Health Admissions

Biostatistics Student Handbook

Requirements Hours
Required Courses 27
BST 621 Statistical Methods I 3
BST 622 Statistical Methods II 3
BST 623 General Linear Models 3
BST 626 Data Management and Reporting with SAS 3
BST 626L Data Management and Reporting with SAS Laboratory 0
BST 631 Statistical Theory I 4
BST 632 Statistical Theory II 4
BST 655 Categorical Data Analysis 3
BST 691

Pre-Doctoral Seminar Series

4 hours required for BST 691: Biostatistics Pre‐doctoral Seminar Series

Biostatistics Electives * 6
Required Outside Electives 7
Other Related Courses including Non‐Thesis (BST 698) 3
Total Hours



SOPH Requirement: 3 Hours (All international students must demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written English through the Graduate School’s ESL Assessment.)

Biostatistics Electives: Minimum 6 credit hours of regular courses of 624 or higher‐level. (See Student Handbook for suggested BST electives.)

Required Outside Electives: Minimum 7 graduate credit hours of electives must be taken from a non‐quantitative field (i.e. Biology, Public Health or Medicine) with advisor’s approval and in some case, also approval of instructor.