Survey Consent Letter

 Applied Introductory Biostatistics Courses at UAB

The Department of Biostatistics is asking you to participate in a survey regarding the introductory applied courses offered each year.  You are being asked to participate in this survey because you are either:

  • a student currently enrolled in BST 600, 611 or 621 (current),
  • a student at UAB that has previously completed BST 600, 611-612, 621-622 (past),
  • or a faculty member that advises students to take BST 600, 611-612, 621-622 (faculty).

Purpose of the Research: The purpose of this project is to determine the effectiveness of the three levels of introductory courses offered by the Department of Biostatistics. This project will help to assess the diversity in background of students enrolling in these courses and determine why they are taking the specific level course.  The goal is to more effectively place students in the appropriate level course to improve the quality of the courses for all enrolled students.

Your personal information (name) will not be associated with the results of or participation in the survey.  Completion of the survey implies that you have consented to participate in the research. The following outlines the research for the three types of participant:

  • Current: You will be asked to complete a survey (no longer than 30 minutes) at the start of the semester and a survey at the end of the semester covering your reasons for enrolling the class, what you hope to learn from the class, some basic statistical knowledge and if you feel that you’ve learned these topics.  The survey will be administered and collected by a survey assistant while your faculty and TAs are not present (out of the room).  Your faculty and TAs will not be aware of who participated in the survey.
  • Past: You will be asked to complete a 15 minute on-line survey (web-address TBA) regarding your perceptions of the BST course you completed.
  • Faculty: You will be asked to complete a 15 minute on-line survey (web-address TBA) regarding your perceptions of the BST courses your students have completed.

Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary

There is no penalty for not participating

If you have any questions you may contact the PI of the study: StaceyCofield, PhD. Phone: 205-934-4932, email:

If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, or concerns or complaints about the research, you may contact Ms. Sheila Moore. Ms. Moore is the Director of the Office of the Institutional Review Board for Human Use (OIRB). Ms. Moore may be reached at (205) 934-3789 or 1-800-822-8816. If calling the toll-free number, press the option for “all other calls” or for an operator/attendant and ask for extension 4-3789. Regular hours for the Office of the IRB are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. You may also call this number in the event the research staff cannot be reached or you wish to talk to someone else.

Please keep this letter for your records

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