Master of Public Health in Industrial Hygiene (IHY) 2015-16

This track is designed to provide an intensive educational experience for students without previous experience but who have a strong commitment to occupational health and safety and hazardous substances.  Calculus, although not required, is highly recommended.

The MPH in industrial hygiene combines didactic research instruction and applied research experience for students with or without previous work experience.  The industrial hygiene program is designed to develop the students' understanding of the interrelationships between the basic sciences and the causes and prevention of occupational related diseases.  Graduates of the program will be capable of developing systematic approaches to identifying and controlling problems in industrial hygiene, designing and implementing research programs to measure the level of work exposure to hazardous agents, and instituting necessary control measures.

The industrial hygiene program is a component of the Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety, one of 16 Education and Research Centers partially supported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Curriculum for Industrial Hygiene: Students must complete the basic MPH core (17 credit hours) and an additional 40 credit hours of course work.  Included in the curriculum is a three-month internship in which principles learned in the classroom are put into practice.  These are generally paid positions in industry.  More than 60 industries nationwide have participated in this program

Coursework   Credit Hours
MPH Core   17
BST 601 Biostatistics I 4
ENH 611 Environmental & Occupational Exposure Assessment 3
EPI 600 Introduction to Epidemiology 3
HB 600 Social and Behavioral Science Core 3
HCO 600 Introduction to Public Health Systems and Population-Based Health Programs                                                     3
PUH 695 The Public Health Integrative Experience 1
Departmental Track Requirements 28
ENH 612 Assessing & Managing Environmental Risks  3
ENH 621 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 3
ENH 624 Control of Occupational Hygiene 2
ENH 625 Industrial Hygiene Case Studies 2
ENH 626 Physical Agents 2
ENH 650 Environmental and Occupational Toxicology and Diseases 3
ENH 661 Air Sampling and Analysis 2
ENH 670 Fundamentals of Occupational Safety 3
ENH 680 Field Interdisciplinary Studies 1
ENH 680 Field Interdisciplinary Studies 1
ENH 681 Interdisciplinary Work Site Evaluations 2
ENH 681 Interdisciplinary Work Site Evaluations 2
ENH 691 Current Topics in Environmental Occupational Health and Safety 1
ENH 691 Current Topics in Environmental Occupational Health and Safety 1
Departmental Research             3
ENH 699  Master's Level Project Research  3
Departmental Elective 3
School Wide Requirements    3
PUH 690 or GRD 727 Writing & Reviewing Research 3
Internship    3
 ENH 697 Internship  3
    Total 57