Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Degree Programs 2016-17

Doctor of Public Health

The purpose of the DrPH program is to provide education and training at an advanced level that allows graduates to pursue careers as practicing public health professionals in public health agencies, the private sector, and other types of settings.  As a result, such individuals have a broader educational preparation than those in more research-oriented programs. DrPH programs are offered in:

  • Public Health Management
  • Maternal Child Health Policy
  • Outcomes Research

Degree requirements include successful completion of program-specific courses, a written qualifying examination, written and oral proposal of original research protocol, admission to candidacy and a final defense/presentation of the dissertation research.

The DrPH Program in Health Care Organization and Policy develops leaders and research faculty who have proficiency in data analysis, management, critical thinking, teaching, and translating research into policy and practice. Students will be exposed to complex practical problems facing public health practitioners and policy-makers. This program, housed within the Department of HCOP has three concentrations (1) Public Health Management, (2) Maternal and Child Health Policy, and (3) Outcomes Research.  Please refer to the appropriate departmental section of the catalog for details.

DrPH Program in Health Care Organization and Policy