Certificate in Statistical Genetics

The purpose of the Certificate in Statistical Genetics (CSG) is to offer recognition that certain graduate students have completed specific requirements above and beyond those ordinarily completed by graduate students receiving degrees in biostatistics and to recognize that completion of those requirements offers them particular expertise in statistical genetics. By virtue of offering a CSG, we are able to offer students an incentive to complete additional demanding work in statistical genetics as well as to offer graduates from our program an additional benefit that will make them more competitive in the market place.

Program Content and Relation to Other UAB Programs

CSG enrollees must either: (a) Be enrolled as a matriculated student in the Department of Biostatistics PhD Program; or (b) Already have a doctoral degree in statistics or biostatistics; or (c) Have a doctoral degree in another discipline and be judged by a committee appointed by the chair of the Department of Biostatistics and consisting of 3 faculty members to be capable of performing as a statistician at the level of a doctoral level academic statistician.  By this we mean a competent faculty-level research scientist with the ability to utilize and interpret cutting edge statistical methods.

Candidates for the CSG will be required to successfully complete (i.e., achieve a grade of "B" or better) the following courses:

BST 675

Introduction to Statistical Genetics

3 credit hours

BST 676

Genomic Data Analysis

3 credit hours

BST 775

Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis I

3 credit hours

BST 776

Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis II

3 credit hours

TBD (previously EPI 730)

Introduction to Human Population Genetics Theory

3 credit hours


Regarding the sequence in which the courses are taken, the optimal sequence will be determined by the candidate's academic or research advisor within the Department of Biostatistics from within the range of options that are allowable by University, School and Department policies. For any CSG candidates that do not have an advisor assigned within the Biostatistics Department, the chair of the department will take responsibility for assigning a CSG mentor to that person from among the department faculty.

In addition to the courses above, CSG recipients who are enrolled as a matriculated student in the Department of Biostatistics PhD program must also successfully complete all requirements for the PhD in Biostatistics at UAB.  Those seeking the CSG who already have a doctoral degree but do not have the necessary pre-requisites for the required courses, must either take the prerequisites or must get permission from the course instructor. Up to 6 credit hours (2 courses) from among the 5 CSG-required courses may be waived if the CSG candidate has demonstrated expertise in those areas.  The waiver of courses must be approved by the committee overseeing the CSG Program, appointed by the chair of the department.  Note that none of the CSG-required courses are courses that are required for completion of a PhD in the Biostatistics Department.

Post-doctoral fellows in statistical genetics have the option (but not the mandate) to obtain the certificate by completing the above requirements.