Online Master of Public Health in Industrial Hygiene (IHYQ) 2016-17

 Program Description:  The online MPH degree in Industrial Hygiene is specifically designed for the working professional who wants to advance his/her career. All courses for this degree are online and have the same richness and rigor as our on-campus classes. The mandatory internship may be conducted at the professional's workplace, but the activities during the internship must be differentiated from routine work activities and be properly supervised and documented.   

The industrial hygiene program is designed to develop the students' understanding of the interrelationships between the basic sciences and the causes and prevention of occupational related diseases.  Graduates of the program will be capable of developing systematic approaches to identifying and controlling problems in industrial hygiene, designing and implementing research programs to measure the level of work exposure to hazardous agents, and instituting necessary control measures.

Graduates will be able to do the following upon completion of the program:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of controlling workplace risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Apply experiences learned in practicums to industrial hygiene practice.
  • Apply fundamental concepts of industrial hygiene theory and practice.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in industrial and occupational exposures and controls.
  • Describe critical factors of exposure assessment studies.
  • Explain how environmental factors impact human health.
  • Specify approaches for assessing environmental hazards.
  • Employ risk assessment approaches.
  • Describe regulatory programs and agencies that influence environmental and occupational health issues.
  • Explain how environmental justice impacts health.
  • Communicate scientific information in public and professional venues.

Admission:  Applicants should have a strong academic record and meet the minimum requirements for admission to the School of Public Health.

Curriculum:   In addition to the MPH core requirements and 3 – 6 hours of SOPH required courses students take 25 hours of Industrial Hygiene and a 3 hour internship for a minimum of 48 credit hours.  Internships are generally paid positions in industry.  More than 60 industries nationwide have participated in this program.