(MD/MSPH) Coordinated Doctor of Medicine / Master of Science in Public Health Program 2016-17

Program Description

This coordinated degree program is offered through the UAB School of Medicine and the UAB School of Public Health. The Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) is an academic research degree designed for those students seeking specialization in one area of public health. The MSPH is in Clinical and Translational Science which has a focus in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Health Behavior.

Program Requirements

The MSPH degree requires a minimum of 43 hours; however, 12 hours are shared from the Medical School curriculum. 

Program Admission Requirements

Students must be admitted to the UAB School of Medicine (SOM) MD program before being considered for the Coordinated MD/MSPH Program.

Application Process

Students must apply separately to each program. To apply to the UAB School of Medicine, please follow this link for step by step instructions: www.uab.edu/medicine/home/future-students/admissions.

To apply to the UAB School of Public Health, apply through the Graduate School’s Apply Yourself online application. For the review process, the School of Public Health will use the AMCAS application for the transcript, test score, and reference letter requirement.

Special Instructions:

  • Select “MSPH dual program” and then the MSPH/MD General Track.
  • Test score field is required, so enter "GRE or MCAT" and a date so it will allow you to advance in the application.
  • The reference letter field is also required, so enter three names from your AMCAS application and select ‘no’ when asked if they will be electronic submission.
  • If you are a current Medical Student, a letter of recommendation is required from Dr. Kezar. Please input her name and email in the letter of recommendation section and select “yes” for electronic submission.

Curriculum Planning

Click here for Coordinated Doctor of Medicine/Master of Science in Public Health (MD/MPH) Program Curriculum Planning Sheet for Outcomes Research.

Contact Information

For additional information concerning the coordinated MD/MSPH program contact the School of Public Health at soph@uab.edu.