SSG Seminar: Dr. Michael Epstein

SSG Seminar: Dr. Michael Espstein
Asssitant Professor, Emory University School of Medicine

"Powerful Multilocus Association Testing of Complex Traits"

Place: Ryals Public Health Building, Room 121

Program teaches skills to improve conditions for the impoverished

A large, yellow steel tube slowly rose from a muddy hole as a half-dozen men and women tugged on a rope that ran from the pipe up through the top of a large tripod.

Once above ground, the tube, called a bailer, was tipped onto its side, spilling out a brown liquid.

"Whoo," several of the workers shouted. "We got water, people," one man said.

Climate Change Challenge

Quick, what comes to mind when you think about climate change? If your thoughts turn to polar bears and melting ice caps, you’re not alone. Americans are concerned about climate change. We know it is real and we think it is scary, but we tend to think about it in terms that are far removed from our everyday lives.

Alumni in Action: Isis Mikhail

M.P.H., 1990; Dr.P.H., 2003
Epidemiologist and Program Director, National Cancer Institute

I was born in Cairo, Egypt, and went to a German school in Egypt until high school; then I graduated from Cairo University Medical School. My main passion was actually literature and painting, but my dad wanted me to go to med school—I guess he didn’t want me to be a starving artist!

Peace Corps Seeks Health Care and Public Health Professionals

As part of its on-going effort to bring more skilled and knowledgeable volunteers to the field, the Peace Corps is reaching out to Health Care and Public Health professionals who are interested in new and challenging opportunities or considering alternatives to traditional retirement. Currently, there is a high demand for trained health educators, care givers and dedicated persons to serve in Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Epidemiology Seminars in 2008

The Department of Epidemiology Seminar Series for 2008

Bridgers Scholarship Winner, Passionate about Global Health

From the start , Meena Kannan's passion for international and environmental health was undeniable. "My interest in the health of others began early in life, mainly through family trips to India," explains Kannan, a UAB School of Public Health student and recipient of the 2006 Bill and Judy Bridgers Scholarship. "Side by side with the natural beauty and cultural richness of the country were the effects of extreme poverty, mostly on the health and well-being of both individuals and communities. Witnessing these conditions firsthand led me to question my privileged

Collaborating on Cancer

Haley Justice, M.P.H., Maternal and Child Health, 2004

ASPH Announces Public Health Policy Fellowship

ASPH recently announced its Public Health Policy Fellowship Program. The fellowship will provide a unique opportunity for those who have recently received an MPH or doctorate degree from an ASPH-member school of public health to play a role in helping to shape U.S. public health policy.

CPH Certification Exam

The ASPH Study Guide for the Certification in Public Health (CPH) exam is now available! Developed with the help of twenty faculty members at schools of public health, the study guide was created over the past year to assist candidates in preparing for the CPH examination. The certification in public health exam is the result of a multi-decade effort to heighten the visibility of the public health profession and to standardize core public health knowledge across core disciplines. The first exam will be held this year from August 11-30.


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