Test Requirements - US Citizen

US Citizen-Permanent Resident Test Requirements


 Master's & Fast Track programs

Verbal                         147

Quantitative                150

 Doctoral programs

Verbal                         70th% rank

Quantitative                70th% rank

SOPHAS GRE CODE--4232               UAB GRE CODE--1856

  • A GRE waiver may be considered for MPH or MSPH applicants with a master's degree or any of the following terminal degrees from an accredited U.S. institution (MD, PhD, JD, PharmD, DO, DVM, DDS, DPT, EdD, or DMD). 
  • The GRE may be waived for students applying to an MPH degree program, at the discretion of the Department, if the applicant has five years of full-time health care or public health professional/practice experience.  Potential students that would like to be considered for a GRE waiver should submit a justification along with their resume to the department program coordinators.  The program coordinator will submit those documents to their program director for GRE waiver determination.
  • Foreign-trained medical graduates can request a GRE waiver if the applicant is enrolled in or has been admitted to a US residency program and has passed steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE.

              GRE scores expire after 5 years.

There are several dual program options through the SOPH.  We will accept the following tests in lieu of the GRE for the following dual degree programs:

Master of Public Health/Master of Business Administration

Verbal                         35th% rank

Quantitative                40th% rank

Master of Public Health/Medical Doctor

Master of Public Health/Juris Doctor
37th percentile

Master of Public Health/PharmD
37th percentile

Master of Public Health/Doctor of Optometry