Annual Public Health Research And Practice Day



10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Hill Student Center, 3rd Floor Ballroom

Application Deadline

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Undergraduate and graduate students, post doctoral fellows, faculty and staff members are invited to present, attend, and take part in learning and discussing the school's research and scholarly activities.

Students completing their internships during the spring 2017 semester are required to attend Public Health Research and Practice Day unless they receive permission to do an alternative poster session.

We welcome alumni and our community and university collaborators to join us as well. This day gives visibility to on-going and planned research activities ranging from completed research that has been presented at meetings to early stage concepts of research projects. This annual event stimulates networking among students and faculty, celebrates our commitment to scientific discovery, and expresses our appreciation to our university and community collaborators. 

Poster Guidelines

Non-Faculty Participants Printing Instructions

The cost of poster production (white background only) for SOPH non-faculty participants (students, post-docs) will be paid by the Dean’s Office. The School of Public Health will use the The Biomedical Sciences Poster Service Center. If you desire to have the Dean's Office pay for printing, the following instructions must be followed:

  • All posters must be electronically delievered through the form on The Biomedical Sciences Poster Service Center's website by 11:00 AM, March 24th. The Pick up date for posters is March 31st. The SOPH Dean's Office will only pay for the printing of posters for SOPH Research Day! 
  • Students must pick-up their poster and bring them to The Hill Student Center,  3rd Floor ballroom.
  • The Biomedical Sciences Poster Service Center is located on the first floor of the Shelby Building, 1825 University Boulevard; and the phone number is (205) 996-0811.


 Printing Instructions for All Posters

General Format: The general format of the poster presentation is as follows:

  1. Title – needs to be distinctive and should accurately convey the research issue. Titles should have a maximum length of 1 to 2 lines of text.
  2. Introduction – is used to heighten the interest of the observer. The introduction should:
    1. Place the research issue in the context of published primary literature
    2. Provide a description and justification of research
    3. Give a clear statement of the hypothesis
    4. The introduction (approximately 125 words in length) should use the absolute minimum of background information and definitions.
  3. Poster Details - Poster sizes (height x length)

    1. Due to limited space, the preferred poster size is 42" x 56".
    2. Cost of poster production (white background only) for non-faculty participants will be paid by the Dean’s Office.
    3. Click here for poster guidelines for using the Biomedical Sciences Poster Service Center  
  4. Summary – The first objective is to summarize the primary outcome of the research providing a brief description of qualitative results. This general statement should be followed by a presentation of data (charts, images, or tables) that specifically addresses the hypothesis. The results section is typically the largest section of the poster.
  5. Conclusions – contains a discussion (approximately 200 words) of why the research results obtained are conclusive and interesting relative to findings reported in related publications. The conclusion also mentions areas where further research is needed.
  6. References – should be listed in a consistent bibliographic format used in your area of research. Journal articles are considered to be primary references and are a preferred source for information. Limit references to 10 citations maximum. 
  7. Acknowledgments – this section is used to thank individuals for specific contributions to project and to acknowledge funding agencies, if appropriate.


Judging Criteria

Public Health Research Day judges are SOPH shareholders, Birmingham community leaders, and UAB Faculty.  The Judges are selected and invited to Public Health Research Day by the Dean of the School of Public Health.  On the day of the event, judges spend time discussing posters with their assigned presenters and completing the Judge's Evaluation Form, which contains a checklist of critical review areas and a rating scale.  At least two judges review each poster; and the top three posters in each category are awarded.  

The judging will start promptly at 10:00 AM; presenters may start setting up posters by 9:30 AM.

Poster Content Evaluation Items

  • Communication Skills - (e.g., Verbal Skills: clarity, ability to discuss content.)
  • Balance and Conciseness - (e.g., Is proper emphasis and coverage given to pertinent issues?)
  • Credibility - (e.g., – Is presentation sufficiently supported by data or facts?)
  • Potential importance of content - (e.g., innovative ideas, potential impact on the target population )
  • Organization - (e.g., Is the poster easy to follow in terms of information flow and layout?)

Five Categories will be awarded:

1st Place: Faculty and Staff, Post-Doctoral, Doctoral Student, Master Student, Bachelor Student

2nd Place: Faculty and Staff, Post-Doctoral, Doctoral Student, Master Student, Bachelor Student

Third Place: Faculty and Staff, Post-Doctoral, Doctoral Student, Master Student, Bachelor Student

**1st place winners will present their posters at the Alabama Public Health Association meeting on Wednesday, April 5th, 3:00 pm, Hill Student Center Alumni Auditorium.



9:00 AM - Registration/sign-in/poster set-up

10:00 AM - Poster Session begins

10:00 AM - Judging begins

12:00 PM - Awards Presentation

12:30 PM - Poster Session Ends


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