Sparkman Community Partners and Friends

There are numerous organizations and individuals based in Birmingham, Alabama involved in global health or development efforts around the world. The goal of the Sparkman Community Partners and Friends program is to provide a forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing to better leverage resources and increase impact. 


Members will be kept abreast of seminars, activities, and endeavors hosted by the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health. Furthermore, participants may be engaged in collaborative initiatives with faculty, staff, and students from UAB, as opportunities arise. The Sparkman Center will also host an annual gathering for participating organizations and individuals to showcase their work and share best practices. Click here to view the news updates on Sparkman Friends and Community Partners. 


The membership criteria has been purposefully designed to be inclusive and is open to any individual or organization regardless of religious affiliation, political or personal beliefs. Exchange among members is encouraged to promote greater understanding, but it is imperative that participants not impose their beliefs or value systems on one another. There is no cost to become a Sparkman Community Partner or a Friend of the Sparkman Center. 

For more information on either of these programs, please contact Dr. Henna Budhwani at


Friends of the Sparkman Center

Individuals living in the Birmingham area who have or intend to do any of the following within the next six months are encouraged to apply. 

  • Worked or volunteered abroad
  • Studied internationally
  • Engaged in advocacy 


Sparkman Community Partners

Organizations that work abroad or have an interest in global health and international development are eligible. All types of entities, including secular and religious organizations, are encouraged to join. However, only organizations within the Birmingham metropolitan area may participate in the program.