William Sealy Gosset

William "Student" Sealy Gosset Endowed Professorship in the School of Public Health's Department of Biostatistics is made possible in part by a gift from Pfizer, Inc. It honors the many contributions by the school's faculty to improved statistical methods in leading-edge research projects for public health, medicine, nutrition and many other fields.

UAB's Department of Biostatistics is a world leader in the field of statistical genetics, understanding the causes of the excess stroke mortality, clinical-trial design and many other areas of statistical analysis.

The endowed professorship is named for William Sealy Gosset, a 20th Century British statistician who, for proprietary reasons, wrote academic manuscripts under the pen name "Student." Gossett's most famous article, "The Probable Error of a Mean," was published in 1908 and led to what is now called the 't distribution,' a fundamental calculation in small-sample statistics.

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