Realizing the DNA microarrays are a very powerful and rapidly developing technology that requires extensive planning and analysis the UAB-HSF-GEF has sponsored the DNA Microarray Data Analysis Clearinghouse as a free service for all UAB investigators without grant support for microarray analysis from April 1,2002 until March 31,2004. The Clearinghouse is housed in and staffed by members of the Section on Statistical Genetics in the Department of Biostatistics at The University of Alabama at Birmingham


Our goal is to assist in the grant development, publication writing, planning, analysis, and interpretation of DNA microarray data for UAB investigators. We strive to provide the most statistically valid and reliable results and interpretation possible. We aim to increase the number of high quality DNA microarray publications being authored by UAB investigators, to increase the funding for microarray experimentation, and make UAB a leader in the use of microarrays to advance scientific goals and increase our understanding of human health.