Wooster Public Health Breakfast

Congratulations to this year's Public Health Hero! 

Black People Run Bike and Swim

Like Lou Wooster, the legendary figure who saved Birmingham from a cholera epidemic and nursed it back to health, Black People Run, Bike, and Swim have galvanized our community with their message of health and fitness, especially in the African American community.  African-Americans experience debilitating health disparities; Black People Run, Bike, and Swim are the catalyst to level this playing field in the African American communities.  Through their mission “we promote activity for African-Americans.  It is imperative that we as a community not only address our health but we perform it.”  From a modern day public health perspective Black People Run, Bike, and Swim lives up to Lou Wooster’s tradition of service and brings honor to her memory.  The commitment of Black People Run, Bike, and Swim to the African American communities of Birmingham is as vital today as her devotion and resourcefulness were to Birmingham in 1873.  When the renowned madam of the boomtown’s most exclusive bordello chose to stay behind and care for those threatened by a natural disaster, it was an extraordinary act of courage. So is yours.  Like her, you demonstrate boldness and vision as well as compassion.  After all, were it not for Madame Lou, the city around us might no longer exist.

More information about Black People Run Bike and Swim can be found here


About the Award

The Lou Wooster Public Health Hero Award is presented annually to recognize individuals, groups, or organizations who are unconventional public health heroes. The award honors Lou Wooster, a 19th century Birmingham madam who risked her life to care for the sick and dying during the 1873 cholera epidemic and whose helped ensure the city's survival. Like Lou Wooster

Lou Wooster Ceremony & Breakfast

Hero award is presented annually by the Broad Street Committee of the UAB School of Public Health.

UAB, The Edge of  Chaos, April 7, 2016, 7:30 - 8:30 am