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H. Kenneth Dillon - Brian J. Carnahan Pilot Project Research Program

Deep South Center for Occupational Health & Safety
A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Education & Research Center (ERC)

In the fall of 2009, the Executive Committee of the Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety voted to rename the Center’s Research Pilot Project Program to the H. Kenneth Dillon – Brian J. Carnahan Pilot Project Research Program in honor the memory of H. Kenneth Dillon, PhD and Brian J. Carnahan, PhD. Both Drs. Dillon and Carnahan contributed greatly to their respective fields in industrial hygiene and occupational safety and ergonomics.

The Center’s Dillon-Carnahan Research Program promotes and expands the research training mission of the Center by providing support for new investigators’ research ideas. Funded projects have had new and creative research approaches and many of the funded projects have allowed trainees to complete research projects or their dissertations. A panel of external reviewers considers if the application meets research priorities and regional needs; builds research capacity; and encourages new innovative approaches and in-involves stakeholders.

Research Program is under the direction of Claudiu T. Lungu, Ph.D., an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the UAB School of Public Health.  Dr. Lungu is the Center Director and Program Director of the Industrial Hygiene Program.

Dr. Lungu’s background is in Environmental Health, Physics and Engineering and his current research effort is directed towards the use of innovative 3D technology for designing respirator face pieces, the use of carbon nanotubes for air sampling involving photo-thermal desorption, and the development of novel composite adsorbent materials for respirators and environmental engineering.

The program has funded faculty and professionals from the below institutions: 

  • University of Alabama
  • Auburn University
  • East Tennessee State University
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • University of Miami
  • University of Mississippi
  • University East Carolina
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Tennessee