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Occupational Health Nursing

Melanie Gibbons Hallman, DNP, CRNP, CEN, FNP-BC, ACNP-BC, FAEN

Assistant Professor

AIHA Fall Workshop

Lunch: Is included with your registration and will provide an opportunity for networking.
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Pre-Survey Questions

AL-AIHA Fall Conference Event Details

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2018 Survey of the Student Outcomes for the UAB Industrial Hygiene Program

We would like to hear about your experience in the IH program at UAB. Please rank each of the Student Outcomes in terms of their coverage in our program. (Note: There are a few additional questions for Doctoral Students at the end). 

Rating Scale: 1= Strongly disagree; 2= Disagree; 3= Neither agree or disagree; 4= Agree; and 5= Strongly agree
Identify agents, factors, and stressors generated by and/or associated with defined sources, operations and processes *
Describe qualitative and quantitative aspects of the generation of agents, factors, and stressors *
Understand physiological and/or toxicological interactions of physical, chemical, biological, and ergonomic agents, factors, and/or stressors with the human body *
Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and statistics to calculate and interpret OSH data *
Recommend and evaluate engineering, administrative, and personal protective controls to reduce or eliminate hazards *
Communicate effectively through written and oral means *
Function on multidisciplinary teams *
Understand fundamental aspects of environmental and OSH *
Understand where to find information related to and how to interpret and apply occupational and environmental regulations *
Embrace the professional, ethical, and leadership responsibilities inherent to the practice of industrial hygiene *
Other Information:
Rating Scale: 1= Strongly disagree; 2= Disagree; 3= Neither agree or disagree; 4= Agree; and 5= Strongly agree
Critically review relevant scientific literature *
Conduct independently field or laboratory research projects under the supervision of a faculty *
Communicate the results of research through publications and presentations *
Write effective research proposals *
Industrial Hygiene

Kristina Zierold, PhD

Associate Professor

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​​​​​​JOIN US for this important 8-hour workshop Presented by two of the leading Silica compliance specialists in the country, Adele Abrams and Michael Peelish from the Law Office o

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Date: December 3-4

Location: Courtyard Homewood, Birmingham, AL


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