SOPH Alumni & Student Mock Interview Program

In a recent effort to improve the professional development of UAB School of Public Health students, the School's Alumni Advisory Board introduced a "Mock Interview Program" that allows SOPH students to participate in realistic interview experiences conducted by SOPH alumni and receive constructive feedback based on performance. This Mock Interview Program is based on other successful programs around the university that help prepare students applying and interviewing to enter the workforce. Our goal is that this program strengthens relationships between alumni and current students, while also preparing students to best represent themselves and the School to future employers.

There are four ways to participate: in-person (either at the alum's jobsite or agreed upon location), telephone, and/ or video-conferencing (i.e. skype) interviews. Alumni and students can also participate in resume coaching/ review. This allows students and alumni both near and far from the Birmingham area to participate in this program. Alumni will be matched with students based on mutual interest. To the best of our ability, we will try to match students whose career goals align with the alum's career path and field.

An orientation packet with sample interview questions, feedback forms, and other pertinent information will be provided to all alumni interested in participating in this program with a student. This program will be available to all School of Public Health students and the mock interviews will be held at a date and time convenient for the alum sometime between late October and end of November. 

Your involvement in this program is crucial to its success.

If you are an alum interested in participating in an interview with a student, please fill out the ALUMNI MOCK INTERVIEW PARTICIPATION FORM

If you are a student interested in participating in an interview with an alum, please fill out the STUDENT MOCK INTERVIEW PARTICIPATION FORM.