Department of Biostatistics

Prospective Students in Biostatistics

We offer training both at the graduate and post-doctoral level. At the graduate level, the Department offers both the MS and PhD degrees in Biostatistics. Students in the graduate program are admitted in the fall semester of each academic year. Applicants for the PhD

and MS programs are expected to have a strong foundation in mathematics. At the very minimum, they should have had a 3-semester sequence of calculus or equivalent and a semester of advanced matrix algebra. With few exceptions, applicants to the PhD must have a relevant Master’s degree.

The Department also offers programs leading to the a Certificate in Statistical Genetics (CSG), Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH), and Master of Public Health (MPH). The MPH applicants should be quantitatively oriented with background in calculus and linear algebra. In post-doctoral training, efforts focus on collaboration in advancing training of clinicians in research methods through the MSPH degree, and offer postdoctoral training of statisticians in the SSG and RMCT Sections.

Funding opportunities through training grants, fellowships, and projects are available to qualified applicants. We encourage early submission of applications to be considered for these opportunities.