Department of Biostatistics

Technical Reports

  • BSTR2006-001: "Estimation of Prevalence by Pool SCreening With Eqaul Sized Pools and a Negative Binomial Sampling Model", Charles R. Katholi, Ph.D.
  • BST2009-001: "Modelling Lesion Counts Data in Multiple Sclerosis When Patients have been Selected for Baseline Activity", Charity J. Morgan, PhD, Inmaculada B. Aban, PhD, Gary R. Cutter, PhD
  • BST2009-002: "Two-sided Hypothesis Testing Based on Pool Screening with Unequal Pool Sizes", Hongjiang Gao, Inmaculada Aban, PhD, Charles R. Katholi, PhD
  • BST2009-003: "Investigation of the Distribution of the Score Statistic for a Simple Hypothesis in Pool Screening", Charles R. Katholi, PhD, Inmaculada Aban, PhD
  • BST2011-001: "Sample Size Calculation in Pool Screening", Charles R. Katholi, Ph.D, Inmaculada Aban, Ph.D.
  • BST2012-001: "Bartlett's Adjustment for the Likelihood Ratio Test In Pool Screening", Charles R. Katholi, Ph.D.
  • BST2015-001: "Two-Group Time-To-Event Continual Reassessment Method Using Likelihood Estimation", Amber Salter, M.S., John O'Quigley, Ph.D., Gary R. Cutter, Ph.D. Inamculada B. Aban, Ph.D.
  • BST2015-002: "The Derivations of the Edgeworth Expansion: A Totorial", Charlese R. Katholi, PH.D.
  • BST2017-001: "Calculation of Orthogonal Polynomials and Their Derivatives", Charlese R. Katholi, PH.D.



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