CaRES Student "Blazer ID"

CaRES Student BlazerID

A BlazerID is your UAB username that you will need (along with a password) to access UAB computer services and facilities. If you have used an internet or online service such as Google, Twitter or Yahoo, this should be a familiar concept – the BlazerID is roughly UAB's equivalent of a username.

How do you obtain a BlazerID?

1.- Once you submit all required paperwork to CaRES Internship Coordinator Ms. Judy Baker, allowing you to be “activated or hired” into the UAB system, you will receive an “employee number” via email from Ms. Baker or from the system itself. Once you obtain this information please visit This page can be used to sign up for a BlazerID, if you do not already have one. Note that if you are a UAB student you should already have a Blazer ID, which will not change. If you are unsure about whether you already have a BlazerID, visit, and if you would like more information before setting up your BlazerID, click on where you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

2.- Once at From the options below, please select “I am a current employee, or a volunteer or contractor listed with Human Resources,” then click on Proceed.

To begin the process, please choose the statement below which best describes your affiliation with the university:

  • I am a current employee, or a volunteer or contractor listed with Human Resources.
  • I have just accepted a position as a new employee (via the Taleo or People Fluent service), or as a new faculty member or credentialed course instructor.
  • I am a current student, or I am a student who has been accepted to UAB.
  • I am a UAB alumni.

3.- You will then be asked your employee number (the 7-digit number that you will receive via email) and your date of birth. Type in this information, then click on

  • Employee number:
  • Date of birth:


If the system reports that it cannot find your name or employee number in its records, the paperwork may not have cleared yet to get you into the system — try again in a day or two. If the problem persists, please click on the Need Help? link to request assistance.

Now comes the time for some decisions!  Before trying to register for a BlazerID and selecting a password, pause for a moment and carefully consider the choices you will make. The following guidelines should assist you in successfully selecting and registering these items with a minimum of hassle. The system will reject all registration attempts not complying with any guideline below that includes the words "must" or "must not".

The BlazerID . . .

  • Must be a combination of at least three and not more than eight lowercase letters or numbers (no punctuation allowed) and must begin with a letter. Capital/uppercase letters must not be included.
  • Must be unique in the UAB Campus Directory — no one else can already have it. If in doubt, go to and look up the username you want, by using the lower left search box. This is not fool-proof (the owner may be unlisted) but it will probably let you know if your username is already taken.
  • Should not contain obscene or unprofessional words or suggestive phrases. Once you have set a BlazerID, it can NEVER BE CHANGED, even if you are a student now and later you are hired at UAB as an employee. Avoidance of unprofessional words and suggestive phrases is an important consideration if you plan to put your address on a resume’, business card, letterhead, website, database, etc.
  • Should be something you will always be comfortable using as a login name, no matter what UAB department or entity may now or eventually require it. Again, once your BlazerID is registered, it can NEVER BE CHANGED.
  • Many people use their first and maybe middle initial plus their last name as their BlazerID.  But be cautious about using the name of a spouse or a “significant other” as your BlazerID, because your BlazerID can NEVER BE CHANGED and one day you could be stuck with a username that you do not want if your relationship has ended. 

The Password . . .

  • Must be a combination of at least 15 but not more than 32 letters and numbers, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and a numeral. Punctuation can also be included, except for blanks, equal signs (=), and quotation marks (' or ").
  • Unlike the BlazerID, the system allows capital/upper and lowercase letters, and the capitalization is important; it must be entered exactly the same way each time you log in or the system will not recognize it.
  • Must not be derived from a single dictionary word or from your BlazerID.
  • Must not be derived from your phone number, social security number, or date of birth.
  • Should not be derived from family members' names or pets' names.
  • Can be changed whenever you wish, and you will be prompted to change it from time to time. 

4.- Create your Blazer ID and Password following these steps, and you will be successful!

These guidelines were obtained from by Dr. Luz “Aly” Padilla, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, who created this document that was then edited lightly by Dr. John Waterbor. 

April 12, 2018