Paula Province Warren is a practicing neurologist at the UAB Medical School where she studies neuro-oncology and specializes in glioma and brain tumor related epilepsy. In 2016 she is serving as a preceptor in the CaREs program.

Ross Pearlman is currently a medical student who shared preliminary results from his CaRES study at the 2015 Medical Student Research Day, earning a “Best Abstract” award and the 2015 CaRES Program Travel Scholarship Award.

Tiffany Carson is funded by the National Cancer Institute with a K01 award to investigate the interplay of behavior, environment, and microbiota in colorectal cancer risk and in a true “full circle” moment, Dr. Tiffany Carson served as a CaRES preceptor in summers 2014 and 2015.

Renicha McCree-Hale (‘Nish’) serves as the Science Office Chief/Associate Director for Science Tanzania with the CDC which marks the continuation of a career sparked by early work on a CaRES project studying cancer control in low resource settings.

Stephanie Robert’s interest in cancer research was ignited by her CaRES internship with Dr. Harald Sontheimer (a former UAB Professor of Neurobiology) studying the role of System xc- (SXC, a cystine / glutamate transporter) in the radiation-resistance of brain tumors.