CaRES Student Housing

CaRES is a summertime program that pays eligible students to conduct short-term (8-15 weeks) cancer research projects at UAB.  All CaRES projects this summer must be done in the period May 21 – August 31, 2018.  Each CaRES project has its own start date and end date within this period.  CaRES accepts medical students and graduate students from 5 universities:  UAB, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM), Samford University, Auburn University, and the University of South Alabama (USA).  In summer 2018, as in past years, UAB students comprise about half of our 48 CaRES summer students.  Regarding housing for CaRES students, presumably UAB students and students from Samford (a 15-minute drive from UAB) can retain the housing arrangements they have had thus far in the current academic year.  But students from ACOM, Auburn, and USA need to find summertime housing.  The CaRES student stipend ($400/week) is intended to help students offset the costs of housing and meals during their CaRES internships. 


General guidelines on finding housing at UAB or near UAB:

  1. First, if you are lucky enough to have family or close friends living in the Birmingham area, explore this option first!  Maybe you can live with them for free, or at a very low cost.
  2. The Student Associations at some universities set aside money to support off-campus student housing for summertime research. Ask your academic Department, School or University if any such grants are available.
  3. In general, housing is cheaper if you share a room or a suite, rather than live by yourself.  You may want to share living space with other CaRES students to save money.
  4. Some of you may want to access “bed and breakfast” websites, apartment guides, or newspaper classified ads, for opportunities to rent a room, an apartment, or a house in the UAB area (e.g., Southside, Highland Avenue).
  5. You may live wherever you wish, but we suggest that you consider UAB Student Housing or the University Place Apartments, as described below. 


  • UAB Student Housing (Michael Miller, M.Ed., Communications Coordinator, or 205-996-0409 or see for general UAB student housing information):  UAB has many on-campus dormitories and apartments, and at least one building stays open each summer for students who will be on campus for academic programs, research, or sports camps.  UAB dormitories are walkable from the UAB buildings where most CaRES projects are based. We understand that once you sign a dormitory contract, the UAB Parking office will give you a pass to park on campus, but please verify this.  You could probably keep your car parked all week (other than for shopping and errands) and you would not need to drive every day to the building where you will do your CaRES research project.  IF YOU CONTACT UAB STUDENT HOUSING, TELL THEM THAT YOU WILL BE A SUMMER STUDENT IN DR. WATERBOR’S CaRES PROGRAM. 


  • “University Place” (B.J. Smith, Property Manager, or 205-933-2822 or see for general information): Located on campus at 951 18th Street South, University Place had been a UAB-owned motel called “The University Inn” for campus visitors.  Several years ago, it was privatized and converted into a combination motel and apartment house, catering to UAB students and employees.  Rooms of various sizes (studio, one BR, two BR, etc.), are available by the month or by the semester.  The rental rates range widely, depending on what you want:  furnished or unfurnished space, number of roommates and number of bedrooms (if you plan to share space), and number of weeks or months.  Property Manager B. J. Smith may negotiate costs if several CaRES students decide to stay here.  University Place has its own parking lot, so you could probably keep your car parked all week and walk to and from your CaRES building.  Advantages include an outdoor swimming pool and proximity to 5 Points South where numerous restaurants (including Waffle House!) and nightlife can be found.  IF YOU CONTACT UNIVERSITY PLACE, TELL THEM THAT YOU WILL BE A SUMMER STUDENT IN DR. WATERBOR’S CaRES PROGRAM. 


One other note:  While at UAB this summer, you may want to join the beautiful UAB Campus Recreation Center at 1501 University Boulevard (, 205-934-8224).  The cost is $80 for summer term.  This is a spacious facility open long hours each day, including weekends.  There are yoga classes, treadmills, weight rooms, an indoor track, a climbing wall, and a great indoor swimming pool!  The Rec Center is a short walk from UAB dormitories and just a few blocks more from University Place. 

APRIL 12, 2018