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Episode 1 - A Day in the Life of United Correctional

Meet Hardcore, Ron and Charles as they negotiate their day as inmates at United Correctional Facility.  Then there’s the new young inmate Jimmy H who wants to show everyone how tough he is.
Episode 1 - Part 1
Episode 1 - Part 2

Episode 2 - Speaking of Skin

Hardcore and Ron are at it again – playing tug-of-war over advising Jimmy H about getting a tattoo.  Charles fears he may have Alzheimer’s Disease and Officer Martin gets checked out for TB.
Episode 2 - Part 1
Episode 2 - Part 2

Episode 3 - Looks Like Bad Luck All Around

While Johnny Gunn (AKA Hardcore) tries to give Charles support, he is not so understanding with Dr. Hernandez who gives him a talking-to about taking care of his diabetes.  Officer Martin learns she has latent TB infection.  Jimmy H goes after Skillet and stabs the wrong guy in the process.
Episode 3 - Part 1
Episode 3 - Part 2

Episode 4 - Conversations

Johnny Gunn has a friendly talk with Shawn P and not-so-friendly words with Ron.  Jimmy lands in seg. Ron phones home and the news isn’t good.
Episode 4 - Part 1
Episode 4 - Part 2

Episode 5 - Officer Martin Takes a Stand

Ron gets into it with Hardcore (Gunn) and Officer Brandon takes them for a body check.  Jimmy H is found passed out in his cell. Officer Martin accuses Dr. Hernandez of not doing his job.  Later, she tells the other officers why she’s interested in inmate health.
Episode 5 - Part 1
Episode 5 - Part 2

Episode 6 - Talk About Stress!

Gunn is ready to listen to Dr. Hernandez.  Jimmy H receives a diagnosis.  Charles wanders off again.  Officer Martin and Dr. Hernandez come to a better understanding of one another.
Episode 6 - Part 1
Episode 6 - Part 2

Episode 7

Officer Martin gets a talking-to from the Warden.  Ron has more stress and more mysterious fainting. Shawn P tells Gunn about his plans for after being discharged.
Episode 7 - Part 1
Episode 7 - Part 2

Episode 8 - Coming Together; Coming Apart

Gunn and Ron go from nearly fighting to really talking – both are grieving.  Skillet leaves the barber shop with a razor and somebody ends up dead.  Shawn offers Officer Martin a job.
Episode 8 - Part 1
Episode 8 - Part 2



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