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Body & Soul - A Celebration of Healthy Eating and Living

Body & Soul is a program that has helped members of African American churches across the country to eat more fruits and vegetables. In time, your church may expand the program to help members make other healthy choices, such as becoming more physically active!     

Body & Soul was developed by the National Cancer Institute to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles in African American Churches nationwide. Reverend Donald L. Solomon, Sr., and Pastor Ronnie Williams of Congregations for Public Health were among the fiver pastors in the Body & Soul Pastor Review Group. 

Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below were not developed by UAB but are available through the National Cancer Institute’s Research-tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs). We have posted and annotated them here in order to allow our congregations ease of access to and understanding of the materials.


Body & Soul Program Guide  

This guide helps new churches start the Body & Soul program by employing pastoral leadership, providing educational activities, creating a healthy eating environment, and offering peer counseling.

Body & Soul Peer Counseling Coordinator's Guide  

This handbook helps counseling coordinators for Body & Soul to develop and maintain a successful Peer Counseling program.

Body & Soul Peer Counselor's Handbook  
This handbook provides communication skills and tools for Body & Soul Peer Counselors to help others eat healthier.


Body & Soul Church Video  
This video introduces your church to the Body & Soul Program.
Body & Soul Peer Counselor Training Video  
Together with the handbook, this video provides information, educational scenarios, and activities to help develop the communication skills of Peer Counselors.
Forgotten Miracles Video  
This video, created by Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, encourages healthy dietary practices.



Downhome Healthy Cooking  
A collection of healthier versions of recipes you love.


Posters / Flyers

Body & Soul Flyer   
A description of the Body & Soul program and how it works.
The Colors of Health  
Examples of fruits and vegetables from 5 basic colors, with each color representing different important nutrients.
Easy Way to Eat More Fruit & Vegetables  
An easy way to remember how much is 1 serving of fruits and vegetables.
Why Eating Fruits and Vegetables Is Important for Adults  
Explains how eating fruits and vegetables could help manage weight and lower risks of certain diseases for adults.
Why Eating Fruits and Vegetables Is Important for Children  
How eating fruits and vegetables helps children lower chances of disease, develop good habits, and grow healthy and strong.
How Many Fruits and Vegetables Do You Need?   
How many servings of fruits and vegetables people need each day, based on gender, age, and activity level.
What's in Fruits and Vegetables?  
Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals that the body needs to help protect health.


Congregational Health Index: A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide


Congregational Health Index  

A document developed to help congregations assess and prioritize efforts to improve their ability to provide healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity



Worksheets and Tools

Body & Soul Plan
A form to help church teams plan their Body & Soul program.

Activity Planning Form
A blank form for planning educational activities.

Activity Task List Evaluation Questions
Some examples of evaluation questions for a congregation's Body & Soul program.

Resource Assessment
A needs and resource assessment for community partner organizations thinking about implementing the Body & Soul program.


Certificate template for Body & Soul participants.

The role of African American churches and multiple practices that churches employ to engage members. Also includes scriptures that apply to the Body & Soul program.

Suggested Readings

Intervention Programs fact sheet
This sheet introduces two resources for intervention programs, Cancer Control Planet and Research Tested Intervention Programs (RTIPS).

American Cancer Society: Body & Soul Presentation
This PowerPoint presentation introduces Body & Soul and how it works.

American Cancer Society: Cancer Facts and Figures
This report from the American Cancer Society presents current cancer statistics on incidence, mortality, survival, and risk factors for African Americans. 



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