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Sing for a Cure


Congregations for Public Health, a non-profit organization of African American churches located in some of the oldest and poorest parts of Birmingham, offers SING FOR THE CURE: Sisters Celebrate Survivorship as part of their cancer survivorship ministry.

SING FOR THE CURE is a women’s gospel group of breast cancer survivors whose purpose is to spread positive messages about surviving breast cancer through their presence, their songs, and their personal stories. Their programs include uplifting gospel music, personal testimonies, and information about breast health, breast cancer risks and risk reduction, and the importance of regular screening, early detection, and prompt and appropriate treatment of breast cancer.

Other services available through a sister program, CPH CARES about Breast Cancer, include one-on-one assistance to help access breast cancer screening services, find reliable and appropriate cancer information, and connect to local, state, and national resources, programs, and support services.



SING FOR THE CURE and CPH CARES are supported by the UAB Center for the Study of Community Health and funded by Susan G Komen for the Cure.



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