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Safety Matters - Deep South Center ERC








On August 24, UABs AIHA student section officers (Rupkatha Bardhan, Jordan Nelson, Jake Shedd, and Margaret Summers) were invited to present on Safety Matters, a lecture on teenage workplace safety, to the six Locust Fork High School agriculture classes. Though the early sessions saw many a quiet and tired student, the teens were quick to wake up and became increasingly more engaged in the lectures as the day progressed. Each brief lecture was packed with 45 minutes of important safety training sessions, including entertaining hazard recognition activities, graciously funded by the Deep South Center, to facilitate student awareness of workplace hazards.  For many of the students, this was there first encounter with safety, and much to our delight, a few even inquired about how to become OHS professionals post graduation. All-in-all, our officers had a fantastic time at Locust Fork, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity the school provided us.