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Occupational Health Nursing


Interested in… autonomy, challenges and the credentials to be part of the interdisciplinary field in occupational health?

DNP or PhD Studies
Occupational Health Nursing
NIOSH tuition support available to graduate students w/ US citizenship

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Have You Considered Graduate Education in Occupational Health Nursing?

Our Center is one of 18 Education and Research Centers (ERC) funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Our ERC prepares occupational health nurses in both master’s and doctoral programs. At the master’s level, an Adult Nurse Practitioner program with specialization in occupational health and an individualized study option in management /case management are available. A PhD study in occupational health nursing is offered to prepare for

DNP or PhD Specialization in Occupational Health Nursing.

The curriculum includes courses in occupational health nursing, safety and ergonomics, occupational disease, toxicology, and industrial hygiene.

DNP is designed to prepare the student to lead improvments in practice by completing a project on an occupational health topic. 

PhD Study in Occupational Health Nursing. You can prepare for a teaching, research, consulting or administrative career by completing theory, research, and occupational health courses and dissertation research on an occupational health topic.

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JoeAnn Kennedy, Program Administratior,  205.996.5213, 

The University of Alabama School of Nursing is a component of the Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety. The Deep South Center offers students rigorous studies to prepare for full interaction with other occupational health and safety professionals in planning and implementing occupational health and safety programs.