Department of Epidemiology

Job Opportunities

Epidemiology : The continued importance of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, other infectious and chronic diseases, and certain injuries, have highlighted the nationwide shortage of qualified epidemiologists. Graduates find employment in public health agencies, research organizations and foundations, industry, public and private health services delivery organizations, academia, and international agencies.

International Health: Expansion of the field of public health in developing countries has increased the need for qualified professional who can apply their expertise to improving the health standards of these countries. Graduates of our programs have found employment overseas with governmental agencies such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, non-governmental organizations such as Save the Children and Helen Keller International, and with immigrant and Native American health agencies and philanthropic foundations in the U.S. Foreign graduates have assumed positions in ministries of health, public and private health agencies, and academia.

Faculty Positions

Postdoctoral Positions

Listed below are a few of the public health job web sites. Visit them often for up-to-date career opportunities.